Fix Error: Cartridge cannot be used until printer is enrolled in HP Instant Ink

HP printer offers Instant Ink Service through which you can purchase Ink for your Printer instantly. This is a simple and easy process; you need to connect your HP Printer over the internet and then you have to sign up for the service. This is a way to monitor the amount of ink that you have used yet. HP printer facilitates you to avoid shortages of cartridges by monitoring the amount of ink they get an idea that you are running low on cartridges. They charge an amount for their Instant Ink service but the charges are too low that anyone can afford it. They charge just £1.99 for 50 pages a month and it is a less amount in comparison to the retail shop cartridges prices.

Cartridge cannot be used until printer is enrolled in HP Instant Ink


Many people who had enrolled themselves with HP Instant Ink service complain that they are facing a ‘cartridge that cannot be used until the printer is enrolled in hp instant ink’ error although they have purchased a valid subscription for their Printer. If you are also facing the same error then stay with us as we are going to provide a definite solution to fix this error.

Steps to fix error cartridge cannot be used until printer is enrolled in hp instant ink

You will need to re-establish the link between your HP Instant Ink service and your printer. To do that, follow the steps as given below:

  1. Using a device visit HP Connect login page
  2. Enter the HP connect login credentials

Note: Use the same login Id and password that you had used to purchase a subscription. Unfortunately, if you have forgotten your password for your HP connects account then you can recover it easily by just clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ button.

  1. Head to the ‘Manage Your Subscription’ section available on the subscription page in the top right corner
  2. Turn on your HP Printer and connect it over a secured network
  3. Wait for a minute as it may take time to show that it is connected

Note: After following the above steps, your HP Printer may start to show that the printer is now registered with HP Instant Ink services again.

Still Not Fixed?

HP Instant Ink services need an active subscription to facilitate you with supplied cartridges. If your subscriptions have been expired then your printer may show cartridge cannot be used until the Printer is enrolled in HP Instant Ink error. So, check the validity of subscriptions for your HP Instant Ink service. Until, you do not buy the subscriptions again you will not be able to use Instant Ink services.

So, make sure that you have a valid subscription plan for HP Instant Ink services. What if you have canceled your subscription? Then you will need to buy cartridges from a retail shop for your HP Printer.

Check if your card has expired then you can update your new card details on the subscription page of HP Instant Ink services.

Note: The HP customer support team is always available for your complaints and problems. So, feel free to share your issue with the HP Support team, they will surely guide you on how you can fix your problem and issues. HP Printer Assistant also helps you to fix issues related to your HP Printer.

How to recover the password for your HP Connect Account?

If you are having trouble accessing your HP connect account then follow the steps given below to reset the password for your account.

  1. Visit the HP Connect login page
  2. Tap on the Forgot password option
  3. Then, enter your username details for which you have to recover the password
  4. Then, verify your mobile number
  5. Now, set a new password for your HP Connect account
  6. Finally, your password will be changed successfully

Note: After completing the above steps you will be able to access HP Instant Ink services. Now, you can visit the subscriptions page to manage them.


In short, the method to fix the ‘Cartridge cannot be used until the printer is enrolled in HP Instant Ink’ error is easy and simple. You can get your printer working again by just re-establishing the connection between the HP Instant Ink service and your printer.

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