How to fix hp printer error codes on the connected devices?

If there are issues in your HP printer as it abruptly stopped working or you see the error message on-screen. In this guide, you will get the basic steps to fix such unwanted errors. You will see the errors here that are thoroughly discussed along with the solutions for the same. These error code descriptions are a simple guide to troubleshoot such errors. It is important to understand that different models of HP have different error codes after a reset machine is processed. Not all the printer error codes are easy to fix and that may reset the printer error code if the same error returns.

hp printer error codes

HP printer error codes list and solutions

In this section, you will find out the list of most occurred hp printer error codes along with the solutions for each:

  • Error Code 02 –A Warming up error: This error usually occurs when there is an issue with the cable or driver problems. All you need to do is to turn off the printer and remove all the printer cables.
  • HP Error Code 10 – Supplies Memory Error: It occurs when there is an issue with the toner or ink cartridges. You have to reset the printer by turning the printer on and off. If this does not work just take the toner cartridge and reinstall it.
  • HP Error Code: 11 – Paper Out: If you see this error then make sure the printer is placed on a flat surface. And take out the extra papers stuck in the tray (if any).
  • HP Error Code: 12 means Paper Out: There is a problem with the paper tray with the sensor, you need to check that there is no paper jamming issue. The next step says you have to turn off the Power of the Printer and remove all the cables.
  • HP Error Code: 13 – Paper Jam: Many of the paper jamming issues occur when there is a stuck up of papers in the tray that result in paper jamming issues. To fix this issue, you need to follow the on-screen instructions and check the paper path to see whether the error still persists or not.
  • HP Error Code: 14 – No toner Cartridge: To fix this issue you need to check whether the toner is properly installed or not. You need to check and see is the toner in the machines and not one has taken the use of another machine.
  • HP Error Code: 20 – Memory Overflow: The Print job exceeds the memory of the printer: You need to reduce the size of the printing job and reduce the size of the file.
  • HP Error Code: 22 – I/O Configuration: There is a communication error between the Printer and the computer. For this, you need to check the printer cable and disconnect the cable and reinstall it again the next step is to replace the printer cable that is USB network that is the cable is completed inserted.
  • HP Error Code: 24 – Job Memory Full: There are many print jobs being sent to the printer or the job command is too big for the printer to follow. You can choose to resize and reduce the size of the print job or make the documents smaller.
  • HP Error Code: 30.1.1 – Disk Failure: In this case, the printer’s hard disk crashed or has gone faulty. It means that the printer’s hard drive has become faulty and there is no need to be replaced. You can format the printer machine and a cold reset is the last thing that you can perform.

In a conclusive viewpoint: 

We hope that these solutions have helped you to deal with these common HP printing errors on the machine. If you have queries that correlate with the topic then we recommend you visit the HP Printer Assistant page or you can download the Printer driver to avoid issues in the process. On the website, you will get ample solutions to deal with the errors or issues and moreover, you will find the solutions for the other common errors that might interrupt the Printing tasks performed by HP.

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