Fix print spooler keeps stopping windows 10

Sometimes, while using your printer on Windows 10, Windows 7, or an Android device, you might come across several kinds of errors that restrict your printing task. Often, you may see hat print spooler keeps stopping or it starts to display error messages. To get rid of the issue, you have to perform a number of troubleshooting tasks and sometimes only a single resolution is enough. So, let us have a glance at how you can get rid of this issue permanently.

print spooler keeps stopping

Try this fix when print spooler service is stopped

At times, when there are several printers installed on your device, then you might get this issue. So, if you want to fix the problem, then uninstalling unnecessary printers might help you. Here’s how you can do this:

(Note: these steps are applicable on HP LaserJet 1022 Printer, HP OfficeJet 4650 Printer, and other printers.)

  1. First of all, on your Windows 10 device, you need to click on the ‘Windows and X’ button.
  2. This will open the menu of your device.
  3. After this, you need to select the ‘Control Panel’ option.
  4. From the control panel, click on ‘Devices and Printers’.
  5. In this section, select the unnecessary printers you wish to remove.
  6. After selecting your printer, click on ‘Print server properties’.
  7. Now, go to the ‘Drivers’ tab to see a list of installed printers.
  8. Select the printer you wish to uninstall and then select the ‘Remove’ button.
  9. To completely remove the printer, you need to remove the driver and driver packages.
  10. Once you are done uninstalling, restart your printer and see if it works.

In case you are facing some minor issues with the printer, then you may also use HP Printer Assistant to get rid of those issues.

Fix ‘print spooler service needs restart frequently’

You might be coming across the said error because of print spooler files. Therefore, deleting the print spooler files might help you in getting rid of the issue for the time being. Before removing the files, you need to turn off or disable the Print Spooler Service. To disable the Print Spooler Service:

  1. At first, you need to press Win + R keys to open the run command box.
  2. Here, type service.msc in the given space.
  3. After this, hit the Enter key.
  4. Now, locate Print Spooler and right-click on it.
  5. From the list of options, choose ‘Stop’.
  6. Now, minimize the current window.
  7. Further, you need to navigate to C: WindowsSystem32spoolPRINTERS folder/.
  8. You are suggested to do this from an admin account.
  9. From here, open the Printers folder and delete all the files present under it.
  10. Further, disconnect your printer from the PC.

Fix print spooler error 0x00006ba windows 10

This error code usually arrives when the print spooler service is not running properly. To troubleshoot the issue, you need to make sure that the print spooler is set to ‘Automatic’.

  1. Firstly, press Win+R keys and type service.msc in the box.
  2. After this, hit the ‘Enter’ key.
  3. Now, locate the Print Spooler services.
  4. Further, you need to ensure that these services are Started and set to ‘Automatic’.
  5. To do so, right-click on the Spooler service and select ‘Automatic’.
  6. After making the necessary changes, click ‘Apply’ followed by ‘OK’.

If nothing seems to work, then you may get in a conversation with HP Support executives.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I restart the print spooler?

To restart the print spooler on any version of Windows, you need to press the Win + R keys. Now, you need to type MSC in the Run command box. After this, press Enter and then locate ‘Print Spooler’ from the list. Now, you need to right-click on it and choose ‘Restart’.

  1. Why is my printer spooling so long?

Sometimes, when you use a long USB cable or it is not properly connected to the printer and the PC, then it may affect the printing speed. To get rid of this issue, you can try replacing the USB with another one. Another cause why this might be happening is because of the smaller disk drive space.

  1. How do I fix the print spooler service is not running?

To fix the issue with printer spooler service, press Win+R keys and type service.msc in the box and hit the ‘Enter’ key. After this, find the Print Spooler service and make sure that the services are started and set to ‘Automatic’. You can easily do so by right-clicking on the Spooler service and then select ‘Automatic’.

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