How to fix HP Printer Error Messages?

HP Printers are known for their amazing printing services. These printers are being used worldwide and are the perfect printing device for your office or home. Despite being the world’s most advanced printing device, HP Printer users faces several issues while using them. Many HP Printer users have received different error messages on the display of the printer like print head missing error, paper is jammed error, remove and check cartridges error, filter failed error, the printer is offline error, etc. These errors could be a sign of a problem for you as once you get an HP Printer error message, you are not allowed to print using your printer. HP Printer error messages are not permanent and they can be fixed quickly.

HP Printer Error Messages

After receiving an error message on your HP Printer, you need to read the error message carefully and then you should apply the solutions to fix that error. But the solution for errors may depend on the type of error that you are facing on your HP Printer. Some common HP Printer error messages and quick solutions for them are mentioned below in the next sections.


Common HP Printer Error Messages

We have illustrated some common HP Printer errors along with their quick solutions. You can approach the solution according to the error message that you are receiving on your computer. Make sure to read the solutions carefully to fix the error without any delay:

Error 1: Paper is Jammed

The paper may be jammed in between the cartridges of your HP Printers while printing. Whenever you detect a paper jam error message in your printer, you need to do the following to fix this error:

  1. Turn off your HP Printer
  2. Remove the power cable
  3. Now, open the lid of the printer
  4. Find the paper and remove it carefully

If the paper is stuck in the input or output side of the printer then you can fix this issue without turning off the printer.

Error 2: Printer is offline

HP Printers might show offline status due to power, Wi-Fi connection, and outdated printer driver issue. However, you can fix this error easily by applying the tips that are given below:

  • Confirm that your printer is turned on
  • Printer is connected to the printer WiFi network
  • The printer is connected to the computer
  • The printer driver is of the latest version
  • All the printer cables and connections are okay

Error 3: Print job stuck in queue

Print job stuck in queue error is one of the most common HP Printer error messages. If your printer is showing this error then you need to follow the steps that are given below:

  1. Navigate yourself to the ‘Printer and Drivers’ settings
  2. Now, find the ‘Reset Printing System’ option
  3. Click on it to clear the previous printing commands
  4. If asked, provide the username and password and click the ‘OK’ button
  5. Turn off your printer and then turn it on after 5 seconds
  6. Now, you have cleared all the print jobs from the printer queue

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Error 4: Remove and check cartridges error

If your printer is showing this error then it may be that it is unable to detect the exact issue with the cartridges. In such a situation you need to remove the cartridges and look for the issue with them. Else you can use the tips to fix this error.

  1. Remove the cartridges and check for any jammed paper. If there is jammed paper in the cartridges then you need to remove it immediately.
  2. Check the ink levels of the cartridges. If the ink levels are down then replace the cartridges immediately.
  3. Check whether the ink cartridges are inserted properly or not. If not, then remove the cartridges and replace them carefully.


To sum up, HP Printers are known to print papers with great finishing. If you are using an HP Printer but it is showing any type of error message on its display then you need to apply the solutions to fix them. The quick solutions that will let you fix the HP Printer error messages are given above on this page. If you are still facing any issues then you need to visit the HP Support page. Hopefully, you have learned about the HP Printers errors and the ways to fix them with the help of this post.

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