How to fix the server connection error on HP Printer?

Due to the repeated and long-term usage of an HP Printer, it may start to show you signs of technical errors. One such commonly faced issue by HP Printer users is the “HP Printer cannot connect to server” error. This is enough to frustrate users if they have recently purchased the printer and everything was working just fine with it. This issue is quite specific to the HP 8600 printer. However, several others have also reported facing this issue while using their printers.

hp printer cannot connect to server

So, if you are also unable to use the internet-connected facilities on an HP Printer, then you may follow the easy ways to get rid of this issue immediately. This usually happens with the users when they try to scan emails using their HP Printers and it fails to connect to the web services.

Thus, we shall try to know the possible reasons for the same issues along with the methods to get rid of them.

Why HP Printer won’t connect to the server?

If the “HP Printer cannot connect to server” continues to show up on your screen, then this might be happening because of the unstable network connection your printer is connected through. Moreover, the issue would also trouble you if your router is undergoing technical glitches. In addition to that, the same issue would also arise when the firmware of the HP Printer is outdated and you haven’t updated it for a long. So, in that case, you should check all the possible connections and make sure that you have installed the latest updates of the HP Printer on your printer.

Fixing HP Printer error cannot connect to web services server

The verified and most suitable troubleshooting ways have been listed right below. Please apply these methods carefully to fix the “HP Printer cannot connect to server” error:

Way 1- Recheck all the connections

This is the simplest yet effective solution to restore connectivity:

  1. Restart these devices- Printer, router, and the PC
  2. After that, turn off your printer
  3. Shut down your connected PC
  4. Take off the plugs from the router
  5. Plug it back again
  6. Power on your printer
  7. and, power on your PC as well

Performing these steps would definitely restore the connectivity and you may not face the connection or server-related issue again.

Way 2- update the printer firmware

  1. Open the HP Printer Assistant on your device
  2. Or, go to the support website of HP
  3. To open the search box, choose “Printer”
  4. In the given field, enter your printer model
  5. Click on the “Submit” option
  6. On the next page, choose “Firmware”
  7. Followed by this, choose the “Download” option
  8. Now, click on the downloaded file to open it
  9. Choose the checkbox next to “HP Printer serial number”
  10. Select the “Update” option

Way 3- use HP Print and Scan Doctor

Despite using HP Assistant, you can also get rid of the issue by using the print and scan doctor on your device:

  1. Download the scan doctor if you don’t have it
  2. Choose the downloaded file to open it
  3. Click “Start” > choose your printer model > “Next”
  4. Then, choose the “Fix scanning” option

The software would run, detect the issue, and will fix it on its own.


Thus, we have seen how this issue can affect the printing task and what causes this issue to arise on our PC. If you continue to experience the same problem again, then you might need to get help from a technician or take your printer to the service center.

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