HP boot loop fix windows 10 PCs- Troubleshooting steps

Does your HP laptop gets stuck in a boot loop for some days? Then here you will find the solution to fix such an issue. The HP Desktop repair loop is an inbuilt feature that is made to fix the Windows issues for the users. Moreover, it can be more destructive than good by getting trapped. It is a well predictable issue of any models of HP desktop, HP Stream laptop or HP Notebook. You can just try calling the HP helpline number that is available on the official website. In this article, you will find an appropriate solution for hp laptop restart loop windows 10. So without any irrelevant delay let’s begin the process to hp boot loop fix windows 10.

What are the two common distinctions of hp boot loop fix windows 10?

There are two common dissimilarities of the repair loop, these are as follows:

  • This process comes up on a black screen and it only shows the error message “Preparing automatic repair”.
  • Hp boot loop fix windows 10 fails and you then see a message “Automatic repair couldn’t repair you PC”.

If Hp gaming laptop endless restart loop windows 10 on HP laptop fails to complete then, unfortunately, doesn’t solve the issue. However, you can easily try the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

Quick fix steps to resolve the hp boot loop fix windows 10

  • Refresh or Reset your PC: The solution to hp boot loop fix windows 10 is to manually refresh or reset the PC after rebooting it 3 times a row.
  • Disable early launching of anti-malware protection: You can choose to disable the hp boot loop fix windows 10. Once you disabled the Windows software you just need to restart your computer to see whether the problem is fixed or not.
  • Delete a corrupted file: There are certain files on Windows that will go in the Automatic repair loop. To resolve this, you just need to look out for the problematic file and then remove it from the system.

Above are the quick fixes that can help you to get out of the hp boot loop fix windows 10. However, if these fixes won’t help you then continue with more solutions to fix the error.

Advance level fixes for endless hp boot loop fix windows 10

There are some advance level fixes for endless hp boot loop fix windows 10. These are as follows:-

  • Manually rebuilding BCD and repairing the MBR
  • Performing a system reset and restores process.

To conclude:

These all are the possible solutions that will help you to deal with hp boot loop fix windows 10. In case, any of the fixes don’t work successfully then you can try to take assistance from the professionals from the HP Support webpage.

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