HP Printer offline- Try these fixes

HP Printers have been the priority of users for many years because it lets them have the best quality prints that they wish to get. Moreover, the latest edition in the series of printers allows them to print wirelessly. In addition to this, the printer has several features that are making their lives easier as well as productive.

HP Printer offline

But, with the passage of time or due to several other reasons, the printer you are using might not give you the desired output or starts to display certain kinds of error messages. The most common issue faced by HP Printer users is “HP Printer offline” and we are going to discuss it in this article. Before trying to fix this error, we should know the reason behind it so that we can fix it immediately.

Why is my HP printer offline?

Many HP Printer users keep asking “why does my HP printer keep going offline”. Whenever you see a similar message while using your printer, it means that it is facing a tough situation and is unable to connect to your computer. This problem can occur because of faulty cords or cables, unstable Wi-Fi connection in the case of wireless printers. Sometimes, when the USB cable is not properly connected. To fix this issue, you can follow a few workarounds given in the upcoming sections and get back to printing again.

HP Printer offline fix Windows 10

In most cases, restarting the printer and the computer is all you need to do. You can also try to unplug and plug again the USB cable. Other than this, restarting the router might also help in this situation. You can try the following fix to get it back online.

  1. From the Control Panel of your Windows device, go to the Printers window.
  2. Check the default printer and see if the HP Printer you are using is set to default or not.
  3. Now, right-click on the name of the printer and select ‘See What’s Printing’.
  4. If there is any task in the queue, then cancel it.
  5. Now, select the printer and uncheck the box present next to ‘Use printer offline’.
  6. Further, check if the USB cable is connected properly.
  7. Restart your printer and see if it prints or not.

If nothing of this sort works, then you may also use HP Printer Assistant.

How do I get my HP Printer from offline to online?

  • Check the connection- the first thing, whenever your printer displays certain issues, should be checking the connection. Make sure the two devices, printer, and computer, are connected properly.
  • Restart your printer- if this doesn’t resolve the issue, restart your printer as well as restart the computer. In the case of wireless printers, restart the router.
  • Clear the print jobs- sometimes, a single document that is stuck could cause your printer to be offline. In this situation, you can try to clear the print jobs that are stuck in the queue. After this, restart your printer and see if it works.
  • Uninstall and reinstall your printer- uninstalling the printer and reinstalling it again is the last solution you can try.
  1. To uninstall your printer, go to the ‘Devices and printers’ section.
  2. After this, right-click on the model name of your printer.
  3. Select ‘Remove’.
  4. Further, you need to reinstall your printer.

Hopefully, this has resolved your HP Printer is an offline issue. If not, then you may contact HP support for further assistance.

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